Take a look through a selection of projects that we have completed at Augment Automotive. There are many videos of our projects on our YouTube site.

Justin Mather’s Augmented 924S Wins 2015 P3 class in Porsche Club Speed Championship

Well done to Justin Mather for winning the 2015 P3 class in the final race of the Porsche Club Motorsport Speed Championship at Prescott Hill Climb. This was the last race of the season and put Justin first overall in the P3… Continue Reading →

Justin Mather’s Augmented 924S Wins Shelsley Walsh P3 class in Porsche Club Speed Championship

Congratulations go to Justin Mather for winning P3 class in the 2015 Porsche Club Speed Championship: Justins car has a 2.7 litre Porsche 944 Engine with an AugTronic ECU and Augment Automotive Race Cam. Augment this content:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitteremailDiggStumbleUponRedditTumblr

944 Turbo on Chassis Dyno

A 944 Turbo being tuned on our chassis dynamometer. Fitted with AugTronic ECU with Electronic Boost Control and a 3 Bar FPR. Setup for nice all round driving on the road. Now pushing out around 300bhp but in a controllable… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Clutch Replacement

  Clutch replacement on a Porsche 944 as well as belts tensioned and brakes cleaned and serviced .       Augment this content:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitteremailDiggStumbleUponRedditTumblr

Porsche 944 Hybrid Turbo – Honeybadger Testing

The Honeybadger turbo is based upon the smaller K26/6 model turbocharger found in the 220bhp 944 Turbo models. Even with other modifications the small size and old design of this turbocharger limits power to a maximum of around 265hp. The Honeybadger turbo uses components… Continue Reading →

Porsche 928 S4

Belt change done on this old beastie! Cracking piece of engineering but changing the belts is quite a time consuming job!     Augment this content:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitteremailDiggStumbleUponRedditTumblr

Porsche 924S Race Car

We fitted an AugTronic ECU and Road Race Camshaft to this customers Porsche 924S Race car. Mapping was carried out on our new rolling road and the results were great! One very happy customer. Augment this content:FacebookGoogle+LinkedinTwitteremailDiggStumbleUponRedditTumblr

911 & Porsche World – 944 Turbo GTS

This month, 911& Porsche world did an article on Jim’s 944 Turbo GTS. We fitted this car with 993 Turbo calipers, a hybrid turbo, ASNU injectors, an AugTronic ECU followed by a dyno re-map. Safe to say they were very impressed. Glad… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo Race Car

We got this Porsche 944 Turbo race car in for an AugTronic ECU and a dyno mapping sessions. Final works included: AugTronic ECU 870CC Siemens Injectors 3 BAR FPR Full chassis dyno re-map Fuel level gauge setup Manual boost controller installation… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 2.5 Trackday Car

We were happy to receive this car back after fitting an AugTronic ECU several months ago. This time for a Road Race Cam, head gasket change and cylinder head refurbishment. The results were really great, already possessing great handling the… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo GTS

There are nice 944 Turbos and then there are 944 Turbos like this. We had never seen the like, inside, outside and underneath were better than new. Fully caged and stripped, KVV3 suspension, adjustable rear wing and a whole lot… Continue Reading →

911 & Porsche World – AugTronic Feature

We were very excited when Steve Bennett, editor of 911 and Porsche World and 944 owner, came to drive our 924s. That excitement quickly grew when he decided he liked it so much he wanted to bring us his personal 944 for… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 with Road Race Camshaft

The owner of this turbo look Porsche 944 2.5 8V was looking for a camshaft upgrade suitable for road driving. The aim was to gain some more top end without sacrificing too much low down torque. We provided an Augment… Continue Reading →

924S Race Car

This 924S is a dedicated race car and the owner wanted some more power to be more competitive . We fitted AugTronic, a road race cam and a race alternator pulley and after a dyno tune we netted +30bhp over… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 2.5 Drift Car

We fitted AugTronic to a customers 944 based drift car and he gave it a good thrashing over three days at the British Drift Championship! Despite being pleased with the improvements to the NA engine significantly more power was needed… Continue Reading →

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