General Condition

The car has been off the road for some years prior to our ownership as DVLA records show. However the mileage record on DVLA is consistent with the speedometer record at 96K miles. the car has had an extensive restoration in our workshop and is now up together and ready to be enjoyed by a new owner. We can sell it as it is with a new MOT or with improved performance as a GT or going further as a GTS with our improved suspension upgrade both of which are explained below. We also have a driveable demo car which can be test driven to “feel the effect of the upgrades”.


The body work has had some paint in the past but is in very good order except for a few minor stone chips on the front and bonnet, it is straight and the panel gaps are all good. We have replaced a front wing bottom which was rusted off  But other than that no other bodywork was required. It is excellent visually externally. The underneath has never been welded and presents the original factory underseal all through. I like the car as it is but we can add the 924s decals down the sides if required.


As the car had been stood we replaced the cam belts and changed all the rollers. The brakes have been stripped and the calipers freed up The front discs were in good condition after being cleaned up and the original pads have plenty of life left. The handbrake shoes were changed and reset. In the course of checking the brakes, the flexi pipes were changed as were any rusty brake pipes. The fuel lines were checked cleaned and wax oiled. The front wishbones were replaced with new ones. A full filters and oil service was carried out and the compressions checked


The interior is generally clean and tidy but the cloth on the driver’s front seat has split side to side. At the moment this is not unsitely but will need some work in the future. All the door cards are good and do not feel soggy with water damage.


At the age we cannot guarantee the car but we will stand by the repair work we have done to bring it up to its current condition. Will be fitted with early Boxster wheels.


Priced at £4750


The car can also be significantly upgraded as follows.

As a 924s GT

We can upgrade to this specification with our ECU and one of two cams to achieve either 160-165 bhp or 170-175 bhp. The higher power output can be driven on our demo car. Over 4 years we have tuned many road and track cars to this specification with reliability and good fuel consumption. Details of the upgrade is shown on the main site and power curves before and after conversion can be supplied. With either conversion the cars drive beautifully with smooth performance through the rev range though the higher performance cam does loose a bit at the bottom of the rev range.

As a 924s GTS

As a result of the development of a 924s as a rally car we can offer a suspension package that works really well. This starts with a 4 wheel alignment and some altered suspension angles. It then uses Koni shock absorbers and altered anti roll bars to achieve stiff but compliant suspension that is lovely on the road or the road as well as perfect for classic rallies or track days. This is NOT race suspension its not rigid and it its still ok to drive to work or take the wife shopping.


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