Porsche 924S

Justin Mathers Supercharged 924S Shelsley Hilclimb Run

Check out this video of Justin Mathers class winning run up Shelsley Walsh in his screaming Augment Automotive supercharged Porsche 924S! He was fastest Porsche of the day and 0.01 seconds off the Porsche Club Speed Championship class record. A… Continue Reading →

Porsche 924S 2.5 Litre 8-Valve Tuning

We recently carried out some upgrades to Davids rally 924S. This consisted of a modified camshaft and an increase in compression. Along with our AugTronic ECU and a custom live re-map on the rollers this high mileage engine made 182… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Most Rusted

Clicking the picture at the bottom of this page will take you to an album of some of the most rusty Porsche 944’s we have welded back together over the past few years. The sills on a Porsche 944 are important… Continue Reading →

Porsche 924 3.0 16V Dirt Hill Climber

This was certainly one of the most unusual cars we tuned in 2016. A highly modified Porsche 924 built for dirt hill climbs and fitted with a 3.0 16V engine from a Porsche 944 S2. The engine is running on… Continue Reading →

Porsche 924 and 944 Camshaft Blanks

We can provide a custom cam grinding service on an OE factory camshaft blank. This allows us to produce a cam with pretty much any profile as we don’t have the restriction of having to re-grind a factory camshaft. This… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Engine Block Sleeving

Working with a local specialist we have developed a process for sleeving Porsche 944 engine blocks. We are using good quality high chrome steel liners suitable use with standard 944 piston rings. Here’s some pictures of the first one off… Continue Reading →

Justin Mather’s Augmented 924S Wins 2015 P3 class in Porsche Club Speed Championship

Well done to Justin Mather for winning the 2015 P3 class in the final race of the Porsche Club Motorsport Speed Championship at Prescott Hill Climb. This was the last race of the season and put Justin first overall in the P3… Continue Reading →

Justin Mather’s Augmented 924S Wins Shelsley Walsh P3 class in Porsche Club Speed Championship

Congratulations go to Justin Mather for winning P3 class in the 2015 Porsche Club Speed Championship: http://www.porscheclubmotorsport.co.uk/news/graham_rose_sneaks_ahead_after_snetterton100 Justins car has a 2.7 litre Porsche 944 Engine with an AugTronic ECU and Augment Automotive Race Cam.

Porsche 944 Remanufactured Wiring Looms

We have now received and tested our first 944 Re-manufactured wiring loom. Designed to replaced ageing factory looms and add a variety of bespoke features. This one provides race power feeds for easy connection to a motorsports ignition switch panel… Continue Reading →

Porsche 924S Race Car

We fitted an AugTronic ECU and Road Race Camshaft to this customers Porsche 924S Race car. Mapping was carried out on our new rolling road and the results were great! One very happy customer.

AugTronic Porsche 944 ECU Upgrade

AugTronic – The Porsche 924/944 Plug and Play ECU Upgrade! At Augment Automotive we are big fans of the Porsche 944, but like many others we felt that the performance of the standard engines left a little to be desired…. Continue Reading →

924S Race Car

This 924S is a dedicated race car and the owner wanted some more power to be more competitive . We fitted AugTronic, a road race cam and a race alternator pulley and after a dyno tune we netted +30bhp over… Continue Reading →

924S Track Car

This 924S is a track car and a nice one at that. We first saw it at the UK 944 trackday in 2013 and it went really well. We fitted it with a road cam and AugTronic ECU. The owner… Continue Reading →

924S Le-Mans

At Augment Automotive we are big fans of the 924S and the Le-Mans edition is the best of the bunch. Lighter and more agile than its 944 cousin and screaming for MORE POWER! We fitted it with an AugTronic system with… Continue Reading →

Porsche 924S Economy Project

A project aiming to improve the fuel economy of the 924/944 series vehicles. Using modern sensors, injectors, a high powered ignition system and AugTronic we aim to push the fuel economy of this vehicle safely past the factory figures.

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