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Porsche 944 and 924 Torque Tube Refurbishment

Is your old torque tube noisy and causing vibration? If so it is likely the bearings have failed and require replacement. We offer kits of parts to replace the bearings yourself as well as a complete bearing replacement service with… Continue Reading →

Porsche 924 and 944 Camshaft Blanks

We can provide a custom cam grinding service on an OE factory camshaft blank. This allows us to produce a cam with pretty much any profile as we don’t have the restriction of having to re-grind a factory camshaft. This… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Turbo Gauge Panel

We have produced this gauge and switch panel for a customers Porsche 944 Turbo. It features two slots for 52mm gauges, a fuse holder and two 15A switches for fuel pump and ECU electronics.

Augment Automotive Porsche 944 Turbo Gearbox Oil Cooler

A replacement bolt on external gearbox oil cooler for the Porsche 944 models. Custom made bolt on oil cooler with all fittings required and new sealing o-rings. Don’t get caught out with a failed original gearbox oil cooler and a… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Turbo Tial F38 Wastegate Kit

Our Tial F38 Wastegate Kit for the Porsche 944 Turbo is a cost effective, easy to install and gives excellent boost control and stability. It consists of a Tial F38 Wastegate with a choice of spring pressures from the Tial… Continue Reading →

AugTronic Porsche 944 ECU Upgrade

AugTronic – The Porsche 924/944 Plug and Play ECU Upgrade! At Augment Automotive we are big fans of the Porsche 944, but like many others we felt that the performance of the standard engines left a little to be desired…. Continue Reading →

AugTronic Easy Interface Box

To make connection of laptops, phones, wideband air fuel ratio gauges, external analogue inputs and digital signals as easy as possible we developed the AugTronic Easy Interface Unit. It provides easy screw terminal connections for external inputs, an integrated USB… Continue Reading →

Augment Automotive Porsche 944 Modern Fuel Injectors

Modern fuel injectors offer a number of benefits over the standard injectors in your 944. Increased fuel flow rate Better fuel atomisation More accurate fuel delivery This gives increased power and efficiency from an improved burn and additional headroom for… Continue Reading →

Augment Automotive 4-Bar MAP Sensor

Our own 4-Bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor for high performance boosted applications. Complete with LED display of measure pressure in PSI absolute.

Porsche 944 Road Race Camshaft

Our road race 944 performance camshaft and AugTronic ECU are a fantastic upgrade for any road going 944. This cam in conjunction with an AugTronic system offers gains in torque across the entire rev range! Customer Feedback:  “I want to… Continue Reading →

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