Our road race 944 performance camshaft and AugTronic ECU are a fantastic upgrade for any road going 944. This cam in conjunction with an AugTronic system offers gains in torque across the entire rev range!

Customer Feedback: 

“I want to say thank you for your accomplishment. Your road race camshaft works great. The engine revs now absolutely smooth (linear)up to 6000 rpm. Before, I didn’t have the feeling, that it made much sense to rev the engine above 5500 rpm. Now the engine feels big all over and it is much more effortless to drive. Fantastic!”

Dyno Results:

The following dyno sheets compare a good condition stock 944 2.5 engine with a 924s Race car fitted with AugTronic, Road Race Cam, balance shaft delete and Alternator Race Pulley. This car gained 30bhp and significant amounts of torque across the entire rev band! On our dyno a 944 S2 typically makes 190bhp only 16bhp more than this 924s!


Dyno chart (Porsche 924s + AugTronic + Road Race Cam)