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Porsche 944 Turbo Gauge Panel

We have produced this gauge and switch panel for a customers Porsche 944 Turbo. It features two slots for 52mm gauges, a fuse holder and two 15A switches for fuel pump and ECU electronics.

911 & Porsche World – 944 Turbo GTS

This month, 911& Porsche world did an article on Jim’s 944 Turbo GTS. We fitted this car with 993 Turbo calipers, a hybrid turbo, ASNU injectors, an AugTronic ECU followed by a dyno re-map. Safe to say they were very impressed. Glad… Continue Reading →

911 & Porsche World – AugTronic Feature

We were very excited when Steve Bennett, editor of 911 and Porsche World and 944 owner, came to drive our 924s. That excitement quickly grew when he decided he liked it so much he wanted to bring us his personal 944 for… Continue Reading →

1984 944 Lux

This was our test mule, an early model 944 Lux 2.5 NA fitted with a late model DME, 944 turbo injectors, wasted spark and upgraded and tuned with AugTronic. This standard engine made 154HP on the rollers, retains great fuel… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 2.5 Supercharged

This is our new prototype supercharger kit in action.

944 Turbo 250

This 944 turbo came to us for a new headgasket, seals and a package of tuning upgrades. We fitted AugTronic, Stage 1 Intercooler, customer intercooler pipes, ported and polished manifold, custom intake system, Apexi AVC-R boost controller, Tial Wastegate, Powdercoated… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo 250

This 944 Turbo was driven by its young owner all the way from Ireland for an AugTronic system. Careful preparation by it’s owner, including EGT and wideband installation, meant we fitted the AugTronic ECU and mapped the car all in… Continue Reading →

924S Le-Mans

At Augment Automotive we are big fans of the 924S and the Le-Mans edition is the best of the bunch. Lighter and more agile than its 944 cousin and screaming for MORE POWER! We fitted it with an AugTronic system with… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo 220

Still in development, our 944 Turbo fitted with a K26/6 based hybrid. In its first round of tuning it made 300HP at 1 Bar boost and we expect to see quite a bit more power over the coming months :D.

Porsche 924S Economy Project

A project aiming to improve the fuel economy of the 924/944 series vehicles. Using modern sensors, injectors, a high powered ignition system and AugTronic we aim to push the fuel economy of this vehicle safely past the factory figures.

1982 944 2.5 Lux

This early 944 came to us for a service and tune. It was a little boggy due to a failing AFM so we swapped it for a MAP sensor and AugTronic. Installation took us about 30 minutes, she started straight… Continue Reading →

1989 944 2.7 Lux

This 2.7 litre 8V 944 was chipped but the owner was looking for more performance. We had recently fitted a new head gasket and rebuilt the cylinder head for the customer and after a few hundred miles running in we… Continue Reading →

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