We were very excited when Steve Bennett, editor of 911 and Porsche World and 944 owner, came to drive our 924s. That excitement quickly grew when he decided he liked it so much he wanted to bring us his personal 944 for upgrade!

We started off sorting some mechanical issues, a wheel bearing and some oil seals. We then did a dyno run to get a baseline figure, it came out as 144bhp which is fairly common for a 944 2.5 8v in fact we have never seen above 150 from a standard car. We then fitted AugTronic, wasted spark ignition and our big bore airbox. We wanted to try some modern injectors and a K&N Panel filter but they weren’t available on the day. We will be doing a follow up article to cover these upgrades and hopefully a few others too! Numerous hours on the dyno later and we netted +13hp to give a final peak power of 157bhp.


But that doesn’t really give the whole picture, torque is vastly improved across the entire RPM range and the power difference grows to 20hp by the redline. Not to mention the improvement in throttle response due to the removal of the air flow meter! Safe to say he was very happy with the result but don’t take it from us check out 911 and Porsche World Issue 235’s article all about it. Its available for download as PDF at the bottom of this page.

Augment Automotive – 911 & Porsche World 235.pdf