Porsche 944 Turbo

Porsche 944 Turbo Welding and Full Respray

A customer approached us with a view to repairing various corroded and damaged panels on his Porsche 944 Turbo. We agreed a staged process of works from repairing the metalwork through to a full respray in the original colour. Various… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 2.8 Turbo Tuning

First round of tuning on our 2.8 Turbo went well, the car made 360hp at 6000 rpm with more to come! The car is fitted with: Augment Automotive Tial Wastegate Kit Augment Automotive AugTronic ECU and custom wiring loom inc Wasted Spark,… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Most Rusted

Clicking the picture at the bottom of this page will take you to an album of some of the most rusty Porsche 944’s we have welded back together over the past few years. The sills on a Porsche 944 are important… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Turbo Drive Quality Improvements

A good friend of ours has been running a number of modifications on his 944 Turbo for some time. But alas the time has come for them to part ways. Some of the existing ECU modifications were not delivering the… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo 2.8 ECU and Wiring Loom Installation

We have recently fitted our Porsche 944 2.8 Turbo with a new ECU, ASNU 850cc Fuel Injectors and in house manufactured wiring loom. The car was originally running a Motec ECU with a 60-2 missing tooth wheel. We replaced the… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Engine Block Sleeving

Working with a local specialist we have developed a process for sleeving Porsche 944 engine blocks. We are using good quality high chrome steel liners suitable use with standard 944 piston rings. Here’s some pictures of the first one off… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Turbo Gauge Panel

We have produced this gauge and switch panel for a customers Porsche 944 Turbo. It features two slots for 52mm gauges, a fuse holder and two 15A switches for fuel pump and ECU electronics.

Porsche 944 2.8 Turbo

Some pics of a Porsche 944 Turbo 2.8L Engine we have purchased. Currently working on a new aerospace grade wiring loom for it as the car it’s in has some electrical gremlins. We will then be fitting an AugTronic ECU and tuning… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo on Chassis Dyno

A 944 Turbo being tuned on our chassis dynamometer. Fitted with AugTronic ECU with Electronic Boost Control and a 3 Bar FPR. Setup for nice all round driving on the road. Now pushing out around 300bhp but in a controllable… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Remanufactured Wiring Looms

We have now received and tested our first 944 Re-manufactured wiring loom. Designed to replaced ageing factory looms and add a variety of bespoke features. This one provides race power feeds for easy connection to a motorsports ignition switch panel… Continue Reading →

Latest batch of AugTronic ECUs

The latest batch of AugTronic ECU’s ready to rock. Four 944 Turbo units, a 944 2.7 unit and a BMW 6 cyl unit. All programmed and tested.  

Augment Automotive Porsche 944 Turbo Gearbox Oil Cooler

A replacement bolt on external gearbox oil cooler for the Porsche 944 models. Custom made bolt on oil cooler with all fittings required and new sealing o-rings. Don’t get caught out with a failed original gearbox oil cooler and a… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 Hybrid Turbo – Honeybadger Testing

The Honeybadger turbo is based upon the smaller K26/6 model turbocharger found in the 220bhp 944 Turbo models. Even with other modifications the small size and old design of this turbocharger limits power to a maximum of around 265hp. The Honeybadger turbo uses components… Continue Reading →

911 & Porsche World – 944 Turbo GTS

This month, 911& Porsche world did an article on Jim’s 944 Turbo GTS. We fitted this car with 993 Turbo calipers, a hybrid turbo, ASNU injectors, an AugTronic ECU followed by a dyno re-map. Safe to say they were very impressed. Glad… Continue Reading →

944 Turbo Race Car

We got this Porsche 944 Turbo race car in for an AugTronic ECU and a dyno mapping sessions. Final works included: AugTronic ECU 870CC Siemens Injectors 3 BAR FPR Full chassis dyno re-map Fuel level gauge setup Manual boost controller installation… Continue Reading →

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