First round of tuning on our 2.8 Turbo went well, the car made 360hp at 6000 rpm with more to come! The car is fitted with:

  • Augment Automotive Tial Wastegate Kit
  • Augment Automotive AugTronic ECU and custom wiring loom inc Wasted Spark, Boost Solenoid, Throttle Potentiometer
  • Augment Automotive 944 Wasted Spark Ignition System
  • Augment Automotive Stage 1 Intercooler
  • 3″ exhaust system
  • Owen developments Garrett BB Turbo on Tial Engine Mount
  • Bosch Motorsports Fuel Pump
  • ASNU 850CC Injectors
  • 3 BAR FPR
  • Forge Dump Valve

Mapping was done by Augment Automotive on our in house chassis dynomometer. The end target is 400hp with a nice flat torque curve to give smooth power delivery and drive-ability.