Porsche 944 Turbo Welding and Full Respray

A customer approached us with a view to repairing various corroded and damaged panels on his Porsche 944 Turbo. We agreed a staged process of works from repairing the metalwork through to a full respray in the original colour. Various… Continue Reading →

Protected: Porsche 944 Turbo Tuning Guide

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944 Turbo GTS

There are nice 944 Turbos and then there are 944 Turbos like this. We had never seen the like, inside, outside and underneath were better than new. Fully caged and stripped, KVV3 suspension, adjustable rear wing and a whole lot… Continue Reading →

911 & Porsche World – AugTronic Feature

We were very excited when Steve Bennett, editor of 911 and Porsche World and 944 owner, came to drive our 924s. That excitement quickly grew when he decided he liked it so much he wanted to bring us his personal 944 for… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 with Road Race Camshaft

The owner of this turbo look Porsche 944 2.5 8V was looking for a camshaft upgrade suitable for road driving. The aim was to gain some more top end without sacrificing too much low down torque. We provided an Augment… Continue Reading →

Augment Automotive 3D Tuner

Designed and built by Augment Automotive in 2012 Augment Automotive 3D Tuner is our approach to a user friendly and effective tuning and data logging product. One of the key design parameters was to help users visualise what the DME is doing… Continue Reading →

AugTronic Easy Interface Box

To make connection of laptops, phones, wideband air fuel ratio gauges, external analogue inputs and digital signals as easy as possible we developed the AugTronic Easy Interface Unit. It provides easy screw terminal connections for external inputs, an integrated USB… Continue Reading →

AugTronic Closed Loop Fuel Control

In order to maximise fuel economy in all conditions many cars use a lambda sensor to measure the air to fuel ratio of the combustion mixture and adjust the fueling accordingly. This means the engine is running optimally in all… Continue Reading →

AugTronic Exhaust Gas Temperature Monitoring

Exhaust gas temperature is an essential measurement for tuning purposes. Operating within the correct limits of exhaust gas temperature will ensure maximum efficiency, performance, turbine response and longevity of an engine. AugTronic gives the 944’s DME the ability to measure exhaust… Continue Reading →

Augment Automotive Porsche 944 Modern Fuel Injectors

Modern fuel injectors offer a number of benefits over the standard injectors in your 944. Increased fuel flow rate Better fuel atomisation More accurate fuel delivery This gives increased power and efficiency from an improved burn and additional headroom for… Continue Reading →

AugTronic Wasted Spark Ignition

A standard Porsche 944 has a single coil which is timed by the DME to give the correct dwell and ignition advance for the engine conditions.  The spark is distributed to the correct cylinder by the use of a distributor… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 2.5 8-Valve Normally Aspirated Tuning Guide

In this guide we will talk about tuning the 944 2.5 litre 8-Valve normally aspirated engines as found in the Porsche 944 and Porsche 924s models. These engines are aluminium blocks with Alusil bores and an 8-Valve cylinder head with… Continue Reading →

924S Race Car

This 924S is a dedicated race car and the owner wanted some more power to be more competitive . We fitted AugTronic, a road race cam and a race alternator pulley and after a dyno tune we netted +30bhp over… Continue Reading →

Porsche 944 2.5 Drift Car

We fitted AugTronic to a customers 944 based drift car and he gave it a good thrashing over three days at the British Drift Championship! Despite being pleased with the improvements to the NA engine significantly more power was needed… Continue Reading →

1984 944 Lux

This was our test mule, an early model 944 Lux 2.5 NA fitted with a late model DME, 944 turbo injectors, wasted spark and upgraded and tuned with AugTronic. This standard engine made 154HP on the rollers, retains great fuel… Continue Reading →

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