There are nice 944 Turbos and then there are 944 Turbos like this. We had never seen the like, inside, outside and underneath were better than new. Fully caged and stripped, KVV3 suspension, adjustable rear wing and a whole lot more!

The existing aged K26/6 turbo was leaking oil so we fitted a K26/6 hybrid turbo coupled with modern fuel injectors, AugTronic and a dyno re-map this car was transformed. Now sporting 300hp and a wicked fast spool the car runs 60-100 in 6 seconds, will bounce off the limiter in 5th and fabulously responsive. The turbo is always there when you want it and with the reduced weight it really moves. In addition the owner reports fantastic fuel economy when driven on the sensible side.

Update: During 2014 the owner of this car reported a 7:50 min lap of the Nurburgring! A combination of fantastic driving and a balanced package of improvements to a great driving platform! Very proud to see AugTronic as part of the mix!