We were comissioned to carry out extensive welding repairs to this lovely blue Porsche 944 S2. In this post we will show some of the steps in the process from start to finish.

First we cut out the corroded metalwork back to solid metal.
We carefully weld new metal back into the body.
We take particular care around the rear suspension mounts.
Once repaired corrosion protection is applied inside the cavities before the outer sill is welded in place.
An outer sill is carefully positioned before welding.
Careful attention is paid to the shape of the panels to minimise depth of filler.
Minimal filler is applied to the panels to ensure a smooth flat surface after metalwork.
Primer is applied and flatted several times to provide a good basis for top coats.
Stone chip is applied in top coat colour.
Several layers of top coat and lacquer are applied.
Careful reassembly starts when the paint has had adequate time at temperature to cure.
The interior is carefully refitted.
After reassembly panels are flatted and polished.
A smooth glass like finish is achieved.