In the first post of this series all the rust has been identified, cut out and the remaining metal work has been cleaned up.  We can begin Phase 2 of the restoration which is to rebuild the metalwork and prepare the panels for painting.

Once the inner sill is completed it is sprayed with primer and then we begin some quite extensive repairs on several sections of the vehicle including the outer sills.

The outer sill is then is aligned and tacked in place while we double check the fit and location.

The pictures below are of the back end of the NS sill which in this case had to be pretty much completely rebuilt.

Once all fabrication has been completed all bare areas get a skim of filler if needed to ensure the shape of the rebuild has a perfect finish.

Next is to mask the vehicle ready for paintwork to commence. After paintwork is completed we advise a thorough application of rust preventative wax into the sill cavities and other critical areas.

Following this work our team carried out a full respray on the vehicle.