The sills on this 1989 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet had become extremely rusty through to the inner sills, rear wings and more. In this series of posts we will show the repair process we followed to restore the vehicle to its former glory.

The first task, because it is a cab and doesn’t have the hard top roof to support the structure of the car, is to reinforce the doorways to prevent the car warping.

As always the next part is to remove the outer sills and establish the extent of the rust and the damage. Sometimes this is easier said than done due to many different reasons. In this particular case, as well as some reasonably large rust holes a lot of the sill had been previously repaired and the large sections in the picture below are actually all filler which is never a good sign.

We carefully cut and remove the outer sill ( or at least what’s left of it ) ensuring not to damage any of the surrounding panels that aren’t rusted while trying to never remove more of the vehicle than necessary.

You can follow the progress in the second part of the series.