We have put a lot of work into this one and developed a significant update to the AugTronic ECU firmware to allow AugTronic to run a Porsche 944 S2 3.0 16V engine using the factory 60-2 missing tooth flywheel! This means AugTronic can support pretty much any trigger system out there. From the standard 944 dual sensor (flywheel and reference) to common missing tooth configurations such as 36-1 and 60-2. It features a fail safe crank trigger error mode which will retard timing to TDC in the event of crank trigger errors to protect the engine during periods where the ECU has lost its precise engine position timing due to factors such as a noisy crank signal. Check out the YouTube video:

This engine is also using one of our first Porsche 944 remanufactured wiring looms.