I’ve been looking forwards to getting this working with AugTronic for a while now. Glad to say its finally here, electronic boost control for Porsche 944 Turbo’s fitted with AugTronic. This allows boost pressure to be electronically controlled based on engine speed and throttle position.

This gives several advantages over a manual boost controller. A much more drivable car especially where big turbos are used, which can be a handful. Typically this is because the turbo will try to achieve its peak boost pressure irrespective of the throttle position often giving a feeling of lack of control of engine output. Using a throttle position sensor allows boost to be held back until full throttle is demanded by the driver.

It also means that torque can be kept more constant through the rev range by altering boost to account for changes in engine volumetric efficiency. This overcomes a common issue of having to put up with huge low RPM transmission destroying torque to get sensible top end power!

The image above shows AugTronic controlling the boost pressure from wastegate spring pressure (0.7 bar) at low RPM up to 1 bar at 5500 RPM.