We recently purchased a very poor condition Porsche 928 S2 with the 4.7 litre 16 valve engine on K-jet mechanical fuel injection. The body is heavily rusted and will take extensive repairs to be road worthy, but that’s a story for another day……

The engine externally looked in a rather poor state, but was relatively low mileage and had been stood for many years. It span over OK, which is a good sign but you never can tell! A full strip down and assessment was clearly required. The heads were removed first and one was badly corroded so was sent off to be repaired. Once the heads were off the engine was hoisted onto a heavy duty engine stand for the rest of the disassembly. A few hours later and a bit of elbow grease the engine was fully in bits and fortunately seems in very good condition. Now for cleaning before reassembly and a few tweaks along the way.

We will be ditching the K-Jet for our AugTronic ECU, which we will modify to run 8 cylinder wasted spark ignition and modern fuel injectors. The engine will remain largely standard except for perhaps an increase in compression and modified camshafts.


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