Porsche 944’s are notorious for having rusty sills, both outer and inner, which can really have a huge impact on the cars overall structural integrity and appearance. So the first thing we do is to determine the severity of the rust/damage by removing the outer sill.


Once the outer sill has been removed and the damage has been determined we begin to clean up both the inner and outer sills by cutting and grinding the damaged panels.


We then begin reconstruction of the middle section by inserting a piece of steel which is clamped in place while we measure and line up for accurate fitting. Once all measurements etc are taken we begin to shape, drill and cut the center piece .


At this point in the process it is time to rebuild the outer sill, wing bottoms and rear quarter are common areas that also have similar issues at this point.


Once everything is patched up and welded into place a thin layer of filler is applied and smoothed out before painting begins.


20161222_101252         20161222_101248